American Silica

Core Values

Corporate Mission Statement

Our goal is to efficiently provide high quality proppants to the oil and gas industry.

In pursuit of this mission, we will always first consider the safety of our people, the protection of the environment, and the needs of the communities in which we operate.

We will achieve our safety, environmental, and community stakeholder goals by employing formal training and safety programs, compliance with all applicable regulations, and an open culture embracing continuous improvement.

Training, Safety, and Environmental Programs

All employees and vendors are required to complete a thorough MSHA training program, or site-specific training, prior to commencing work. This program exceeds the requirements set by our principal regulator, MSHA, to lawfully operate a mine in the United States. In addition to this training, we provide routine training in a wide variety of areas designed to enhance safety and efficiency as well as offer our team members the opportunity to improve and enhance their general business skills.

We have a strict reclamation policy at our mining sites, under which we make our very best efforts to return the land that has been quarried to a condition that meets or exceeds that which is required by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) and further enhances the future aesthetics and usage of that property.

The design of our processing facility has many features that greatly reduce our environmental footprint. Our sand processing operation is a closed system, which allows us to operate without relying on new inputs of water from local water supplies or discharges into existing drainage systems. In addition, our mechanical/wet screening process eliminates particulate dust found in many plants. Finally, our state-of-the-art drying system fired by natural gas minimizes the use of energy and energy related emissions.

Community Outreach and Relations

We are a proud partner of the local community and have received great assistance from and worked successfully with local community and state leaders. Our organization is extremely proud to provide very competitive family wage jobs to many members of the local community. These jobs offer our valuable team members the chance to build a career and not just work at a ”job.” We look forward to additional future opportunities to participate as a supporter in local community events.

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