American Silica


East Cave City Quarry—Mining

Located in East Cave City, Arkansas, our mine reserves are contained on 620 acres of property and have proven reserves of over 80 million tons in seams that run from 50-120 feet in thickness. We mine these reserves via an open-pit quarry process that follows the requirements of state and federal regulating agencies. After the product is mined, it is primary crushed and is then transported to the Black Rock processing operation.

Black Rock Processing

Our Black Rock production facility, located on approximately 200 acres in Black Rock, Arkansas, performs all the additional required refinement processes that result in our finished product.  Processed product is dried and then stored in our dry storage facility where it can be loaded onto either rail or truck for shipment to market.

Transportation Alternatives

Our property is located alongside the Burlington Northern mainline running between Memphis, Tennessee, and Springfield, Missouri. With more than 23,000 feet of loop and storage our design and layout allows our facility to accommodate several 100-car unit trains simultaneously. The loading system is designed to load unit trains in approximately 24 hours and is one of only a handful of unit train capable points of origin on the BNSF rail line. 

Our truck load out allows us to load trucks for direct shipment to market or shipment to the Mississippi River where the material may be placed on a barge for water transportation either northbound or southbound.

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